Hey! New Looks!!

I finally got around getting StartupSquad.com a new look. I know it was long overdue. Nevertheless here we are. The logo pretty much sucks for now. So while that part is still work under progress, you can let me know if anything else that doesn’t work right.

As for the 2 bank images in the sidebar, they are open to advertisers. If you think one of those is the right spot for your startup to be in, email me at vp at startupsquad dot com to discuss.


4 Responses to “Hey! New Looks!!”

  1. Stephen Kelly Says:

    I like the new look – its cleaner

    Keep up the great work


  2. christopher Says:

    Ditto to Steve’s comments… nice, CSS compliant look and always great content 🙂 Hey V… we’re cheering you on!


  3. Bilal Hameed Says:

    I like the new look, among other things, due to this new design you have increased the number of default posts on the main page.

    I dont know why you previously reduced it to 4, which was really a headache.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Bilal Hameed Says:

    Could you make the logo point to the homepage of startup squad. At the moment it is not linking anywhere..

    This is breaking my usability habits

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