DreamFace-Interactive brings Widgets + Personalization to Enterprises

France based DreamFace-Interactive is jumping onto the widget bandwagon with a solid offering that takes aim at behind-the-firewall Enterprise space. DFI is founded by Olivier Poupeney, who had previously worked for software development companies including Sybase and Ecensity Corp. With strong background in design and development of enterprise softwares and consumer personalized space getting frothy from the strong presence of likes of Google, Yourminis, Netvibes, Pageflakes…., Olivier figured out it was always a better plan to move over the enterprise space. So here we have Olivier ready with his DFI Framework to demo at Web20 Expo.

Unlike the hosted solution being offered by some of the other startups including Teqlo, DFI will be offered as a free downloadable application built using javascript and java that companies and individuals can deploy on their machine without paying anything to anyone. For personal users, it is akin to running Personalized homepage service like the one from Google right from their local machine. As you might expect, the part that DFI will make money on is training and technical support.

From the UI and actual setup perspective, DFI provides a preassembled generic model that a developer can modify to create their own application. Data sources and their views are assembled into a WebProgram like a playlist and than channeled to the user on a personalized page termed as the WebChannel. In much the same way RSS simplifies the collection and the syndication of news, WebPrograms can be published for aggregation in many WebChannels, each one tailoring presentation and interaction to the individual requirements of users.

I think the complete setup of a personalized page was easy and straightforward while being highly configurable for enterprise xml data feeds via the parameters based settings. DFI also has a big play in the use and management of personalized metadata, termed Persona to load your homepage. Not sure if they have talked with guys at APML. The best feature of all is the ability to get widgets to share data amongst each other via a visual data mapping process. Very much like Teqlo, you can have your person search in the company directory get mapped onto Google Maps, while also adding the contact to your address book. Data interaction couldn’t have got simpler.

There are loads of other features at DFI which you will soon get a once to play with. Only issue I see right now – loads of new terminology to learn 😦

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  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » DreamFace-Interactive launches DIY mashup app Says:

    […] France based DreamFace-Interactive(DFI), about which I had written last month, has gone live with it’s enterprise focused application that delivers personalized page type solution behind the firewall. DFI had demo’ed the product at Web20Expo and from today it has made it available for anyone to download and play on their local machine or deploy it inside their company. […]

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