Particls makes Web20 Expo tracking easier

Touchstone, which has now rebranded to Particls, is doing something really cool for all those guys who can’t make it to the Web 2.0 Expo. Faraday Media, company behind Touchstone/Particls, today launched Web 2.0 Expo Edition of their Particls Client. The client has a special skin and is pre-set with all the feeds and the right Attention Profile so you can great real-time coverage of the Web20 show while you work. After you are all said and done with the Web20 show, you can always re-skin the Particls client back to the standard skin or add-remove your own feeds and OPML. Although the download is for free, you would still have to get an invite to login into Particls.

Just in case you don’t know, Particls is the prime mover behind the newly formed workgroup for the Attention Profiling format called APML that has big plans around personalization space.

Particls Web 2.0 Expo Edition


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