socialDragon goes for long tail of advertising

socialDragon has big dreams. Gavenraj Sodhi at socialDragon wants to get content creators and publishers on the same platform to drive revenues for content creators while building brand equity for businesses. Well, doesn’t Google Adwords/Adsense combination in some sense already do that? Yes it does, but not for videos. socialDragon’s plan is to offer a marketplace where UGC creators can come and set price for their video content and make the marketplace searchable by publishers who want to place relevant video content alongside their regular offerings to achieve better user interaction. The bigger picture is that socialDragon can potentially monetize those millions of videos sitting on the likes of Youtube, Dailymotion, and more that are getting all but pageviews for their creators. In some sense, socialDragon sounds somewhat like SpotRunner but with a difference. Publishers are not limited to the videos offered by the site, and the published videos will eventually have the ability to appear on number of online destinations.

The amount of automation and ability to find relevant content will obviously play a very crucial role in such a setup. Practically you cannot expect a publisher to watch through a UGC video to make his/her decision. Ability of search engine to account for speech and metadata would definitely matter in this case.  Besides that, getting content creators to prove originality of work is another big factor. For that reason socialDragon is planning to avoid getting content from social media sites and instead focus on niche content creators who would most likely play by the rules.



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