ThinkFree launches Office editor API

ThinkFree has been really gunning for Microsoft Office suite. With today’s launch the startup gets one step closer to building one of the more useful online services to edit and manage your documents. ThinkFree today announced that it has released it’s Office document editor API that will let users edit documents online and save them to their local machines or on ThinkFree Online service.

ThinkFree also announced partnership with few major online service/application providers including Jive Software, NHN Naver, Coilm Livestart, and Amazon. Considering one of the use-case where ThinkFree Viewer/Editor API integrates with JiveSoftware, the integration will enable ClearSpace(collaboration product from JiveSoftware) users to be able to view and edit the documents stored in their Document Storage. ThinkFree might very well be on it’s way to get similar integrations done with other content management solutions, which is the best fit for the API in my opinion.

ThinkFree’s future plans also sound pretty exciting since it will be launching private beta of it’s premium plan priced at $7/month/user next month. This will give it’s users unlimited storage space that might be needed while editing and saving documents directly onto the online service.

ThinkFree API loads Office docs on Blogs


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