Widgetbox partners get "Showcased"

Early morning today Widgetbox is launching a new feature targeted at it’s partners – Widgetbox Showcases. As the word suggests, Showcases would make it easier for widget owners to pull all their widgets into one place and to brand them for easier accessibility to users. On it’s end Widgetbox is made sure that all the showcases are SEOed that makes it easier for users to search widgets via Google and hit the Showcases page quicker.

Widgetbox is also giving couple of branding options to partners. Showcase would allow co-branding with Widgetbox and visible through the Widgetbox gallery, or exclusive branding with the Showcase owner’s brand and available only via the participant’s website. Checkout the Showcases from AOL and AmieStreet below.

Besides the Showcases feature, Widgetbox is officially launching the “Get It Now” button for in-the-wild viral distribution of widgets. A single click on the button located at the bottom of any Widgetbox widget lets you quickly and easily customize and add the widget to your MySpace page, Blogger, Netvibes, Pageflakes,… page. All along without you getting redirected to a new page. I would say this is the perfect frictionless experience for the fickle minds.

Checkout the Flickr Showcase that gets you number of smart widget options on the same page.



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