CouponLooker – Judy’s Book offshoot does the obvious

Judy’s Book has been planning and undergoing changes in the business model for the past months. Not really sure where they are headed, but as expected they want to stick closer to local stuff including coupons. As part of this refocusing, Judy’s Book last week launched a new site – CouponLooker. Coupons is not something new that JB has tried. Last year they had launched “Deals by Judy’s Book”, which besides the coupon search functionality had a social component to it. The new launch CouponLooker is more of a search engine that plans to make your coupon search easier. Any keyword search gets your basic set of information for each coupon available – discount amount, store, and expiration date. If you think you are getting good enough results and want to make your search easier, just grab the CouponLooker widget and install it on your personalized page. On it’s side, CouponLooker is doing the hard work of aggregating content across the web to deliver the freshest deals.

Comparing the new launch to existing biggies like or the traffic curve on Alexa for both these sites is sharply down as compared to last year. Not sure what is killing the deal out there), CouponLooker clearly has the social component missing on the site that had given those sites a very sticky experience. If you spend some time on these sites, you would observe that people get the best deals by combining offers and stuff for really cheap prices and than share this information with other users in the community. If you haven’t tried till now, you will be amazed at how fast deal discussions progress at these sites. This kind of collaboration is not really possible on site which is purely search based and presents coupons in an automated manner. In the longer run you won’t really love the community effect at these deal sites after a while ’cause the returns you get as compared to the time invested is abysmally low. Maybe – $5/hour of time spent on the higher side. Not worth the effort. This just the reason I was excited about uGenie’s launch that plans to automate the coupon search and apply process sometime this year. Coming back to CouponLooker/Judy’s Book, the new launch doesn’t do either of these things. In my opinion guys at Judy’s Book really needs to understand and solve the ROI problem on the consumer side. Just being able to search for coupons won’t get me to use the site.



2 Responses to “CouponLooker – Judy’s Book offshoot does the obvious”

  1. Rahul Pathak Says:


    Thanks for taking the time to check out couponlooker and for the candid feedback. It’s not always fun to read, but it is always valuable.

    You’re right about the fact that we have been in a transitional period but we are now focused on: “What’s on sale near you?.” If you tell us a location, we’ll tell you what deals you can access. We’ve made some good strides in this direction, but as always, there’s more work to do.

    With couponlooker, we created a standlone site that is a search engine for online coupon codes. It’s not intended to have a social component. If someone is in the process of making an online transaction and they are looking for a coupon code for free shipping, or to save 15%, they can find it at couponlooker. We aggregate coupons, de-dupe them, display coupon codes and expiration dates and try to surface the best coupons in the search results. To do this today, you have to go to a bunch of different coupon sites, we present all that information in one place.

    You’re absolutely right about the fact that Fatwallet and Slickdeals forums do have an amazing amount of information and the content velocity there is very high. Couponlooker was created to address a different user problem.

    There will be continued improvements at Judy’s Book and Couponlooker in the week’s ahead. Hopefully at some point we will get you using the sites.

    Thanks again.


    VP Product Management
    Judy’s Book

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » CondoPerks - easy savings for your neighborhood and you Says:

    […] Quick check of local landscape – Local search engines like Boorah, MojoPages, Yelp, CitySearch, Judy’s Book, and ZipLocal, local product search engines like Krillion, community building platforms around real estate like MyCurrency, StreetAdvisor, Zillow, and local mobile coupon services like Cellfire. Besides that we have the flyers coming via the snail mail. So you think you have enough options for yourself while shopping local. CondoPerks doesn’t believe in that. CondoPerks is trying to build online shopping communities to deliver all the event information, news, and deals available in your local area. […]

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