Wireless News: Blackberry downtime; Intel onto WiMax

Blackberry Downtime: Blackberry addicts were left on the dark side yesterday as one of the most reliable mobile email operator struggled to keep it’s systems up. So those of you who found themselves resending “Service Books” to their BB and still not getting the service to work right, don’t think it is your device to blame for. Anyway, the service seems back to normal right now.

Intel onto WiMax: The chip giant in going to add WiMax as an option to it’s Centrino platform by next year. The WiMax based wireless service will get added to Montevina, the successor to the next version of Centrino. Intel would continue with WiFi capabilities on the chips till WiMax becomes more widely available. Not sure how this will impact Verizon and Cingular’s 3G plans that offers lower bandwidth of 384kbps, though 1.2mbps as compared to 2-4mbps of download speeds that users can get from WiMax.


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  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Newsgator is down :( Says:

    […] Last weeks RIM blackout didn’t affect me much, but Newsgator being down is such a pain. Maybe worse than getting stuck in email downtime. Right now I am totally disconnected from the blogosphere with no clue about what is current. Newsgator Online is down, and hence FeedDemon is down. I had presumed they would have failover servers to run at least the back-end part of things, if not front end. […]

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