Breaking: Google acquires video conferencing company

Google’s acquisition spree just keeps going on. Today Google announced that it has acquired Sweden based Marratech’s video conferencing software. Google is planning to use the technology to deliver video conferencing solution to it’s users. I had expected Google to make a play this field and for sure they are already on it. Dunno what Microsoft, Cisco, WebEx and likes have to say about this move.

As for Marratech, the company had started initial work on the technology way back in 1995, and seems to have a large presence in Europe. Marratech’s conferencing solution runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, delivering real-time video,  full featured whiteboard, instant messaging, default encryption plus record and playback facilities, and is also compatible with SIP gateways.

Just like after any other typical acquisition, it seems that Google has gone through it’s drill and switched off Marratech’s client download. But the real curious ones can still get it from Install seems to be a big one taking up 92mb on my drive. Compared to that Qwaq takes 99mb and provides a far better and immersive experience.


5 Responses to “Breaking: Google acquires video conferencing company”

  1. Agent 007 Says:

    Download is back up!

  2. Vivek Puri Says:


  3. Blog -Covering latest Buzz in News,technology » Google Web Conferencing Software has Full Screen Video and Application Sharing Says:

    […] Google has officially entered the turf of WebEx, Microsoft Live Meeting and Adobe Connect with the acquisiton of Marratech, a web and video conferencing company based in Sweden. […]

  4. ejaz Says:

    it is far better step took by the google to enhance thecommunication system and make much easier to interact with the people from every part of the word.

  5. ladyfaa Says:

    Google is doing everthing nice to see entered the turf of Web.I am thinking when will be the next step of Google.

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