foto-foo – Can they make it Twitter for Photo?

Launched today, foto-foo is a small idea that potentially grow big. The flash-based webapp takes yours photos online via your webcam and lets you send then to friends or post it on your blog or homepage or post your picture on the sl-foo wall in Second Life. This idea falls into the league services like Eyejot or one of widgets from KickApps that lets you make videos online.

Personally I favor chat widgets as compared to voice widgets and photo widgets as compared to video widget. In other words static content to start with and if need arises get dynamic. And foto-foo fits the description of initial part of such a setting. But the kind of use cases they are putting out don’t interest me much. How about having a Twitter like service that puts your photo stream out as you go through your day. Actually Photo+Text would be even better. Besides the webcams side of things, digital cameras present on almost every mobile phone can make things more interesting. I would say there will be just too many users to count that will be sending in MMSs to update their mood or location every moment. In my opinion such a service would be much more descriptive than plain text. Actually for building such a service it can be anyone, not just foto-foo. Any takers?



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