Washington Post gets Musestorm widgets


Major media companies are coming to realize very early that widgets are the way of life, at least for their users. Washington Post wants to among the prime moves in this space. Today Washington Post announced that it will be syndicating it’s content via Musestorm’s widget based content syndication service.

With this launch, Washington Post readers would get to place widgets on their blogs or their social network’s profile pages containing content from categories including Travel, Technology, Business, Money, and Green.

Apart from driving more pageviews for Washington Post, I think this is a big win for Musestorm which has been working pretty hard in developing it’s content syndication and analytics platform while also establishing relationships with media companies. You can expect more these from the startup pretty soon.

Washington Post Widgets:
Travel, Technology, Business, Money, and Green.



One Response to “Washington Post gets Musestorm widgets”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » CBS partners with them ALL Says:

    […] CBS wants to take content distribution to a new level. And who can better be suitable in this case than the all of our favorite content distribution enablers that are delivery millions of page views everyday. Namely – Musestorm, Automattic, Clearspring, DAVENetworks, Yourminis, Meevee, Meebo, Ning, RockYou, Slide, VideoEgg, Voxant, and vSocial. Pretty much anyone who is singnificant out there in the market is part of the newly created CBS Audience Network that was annouced last month. […]

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