ooVoo – Slick Video IM coming your way

Can we get enough of Chat, and Video IM apps? nooo. Actually that answer comes from startups who develop these apps. Every new startup in the market does incremental feature enhancements and repackaging to deliver yet another collaboration app. Some are good others are lost in the crowd. ooVoo is one such startup that thinks it has something substantial to offer. Launched sometime back ooVoo lets you do video conferencing that can include 5 people at a time in a 3D video interface. Well that is an improvement over Skype and SightSpeed. Besides that you get the regular chat + video messaging. Only problem I have is convincing my contacts to move over to ooVoo. Not sure I want to do that again after last switch from Yahoo to GTalk.



9 Responses to “ooVoo – Slick Video IM coming your way”

  1. Chris Says:

    If anyone comes accross this page, ooVoo really is cool. I switched from skype to oovoo about a week back, and im so glad I did. Only downfall is that you cant make “skypeout” type calls. Other than that, they are on to something, cant wait to see whats in the future.

  2. avi Says:

    benifla avi

  3. Saul Says:

    Yeah Vivik you raise an interesting question about the issues of “migration”. It is always the biggest stumbling block – if I switch will anyone else? I think the trick is that you have to do it incrementally. I think that ooVoo is great and I think others will too. So, the shift will just be natural!
    Chris – I can actually help answer your question about a “skypeout” feature in ooVoo. I have been doing some work for them and they say that having the regular call-in/call-out features will be integrated into ooVoo in the near future. So, soon enough ooVoo will start revolutionizing all levels of phone communication…maybe video-chat will become a standard option on all phones…
    That could be good and bad..!!

  4. sabar-ullash Says:


  5. amirah Says:

    luv by many hated by sum

  6. Lanasia McMillan Says:

    Oovoo must really rock!!!

  7. bobmarley016 Says:


  8. neizh7 Says:

    hoola !!*

  9. zenora Says:


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