Xpanity – More chat in your browser

It’s Friday! So let me put long story short – Xpanity launched it’s first product last month that brings chat capability right to your browser. Interesting part is it’s lets you interact with other users on the page you are on. Well, the idea is not exactly new to us, since Denver based Me.dium.com has been offering similar functionality for the past few months now.  While Me.dium finds people on related pages as you are on, Xpanity networks the users just on the page you are on. Still Me.dium and Xpanity are not after the same set of users right now. Know why? ‘Cause Me.dium works on Firefox, while Xpanity is built for IE 6/7. Guy Mugrabi, Product manager at Xpanity, emailed me stating that the chat application was developed in WPF/WCF – the new “Vista technology” and currently supported by IE only. Firefox version is something they are working on. Similar is the statement from Me.dium. So, till that time pick what your browser likes.

Some nice features at Xpanity besides being able to chat with anyone on the page you are located on – ability to chat in private,customize background, spell check for your chat, and drag drop text from browser page to message box.

Few things that will hold back Xpanity  – It’s hard to remember domain name that sounds more pharma than anything else, and need for users to install Microsoft .NET framework 3.0 that among other things requires a reboot which do once in couple of weeks, which means I did install but didn’t try out the app.



11 Responses to “Xpanity – More chat in your browser”

  1. WebInfo Says:

    Interesting. I think you’ve missed the ability to leave comments on every web page.

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  4. Guy Mugrabi Says:

    Hi to all,
    First, I would like to thank you for writing about us.
    I have some things to say about your review:
    It was an interesting insight to connect our name with the pharma industry 🙂 .
    When we thought about the name we made it as an abbreviation to eXpanding the web to infinity, because users can post a comment (on our next version we will add the ability to upload images and video) on our shared boards and by that %u2013 expanding the web. After the decision about the name we found on http://www.merriam-webster.com/ that ‘expanity’ is: “expanity (noun) : the physical force opposite gravity that causes two masses to drift apart from each other rather than come together .The galaxies appear to be moving away from each other due to expanity. ”
    This was kind of a sign to that we’ve picked the right name.

    Second, I would very much like to see a review after using our sidebar.

    Thank you and best Regards,

    Guy Mugrabi
    Product Manager

  5. hook Says:

    Es una lastma que no funcione.Al menos yo no consigo que funcione en IE 7.

  6. pwb Says:

    Windows-only IM sounds like a non-starter. Couldn’t this be done in Flash?

  7. dep Says:

    yaplet.com has been doing this for awhile. Check them out.

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    […] Others in this domain – Xpanity, and Me.dium. Difference being – Xpanity, and Me.dium are browser extensions driven by users, while Pladeo driven by site owners and flash based. […]

  9. U. Says:

    Doesn’t come along with the functionality as FRoSP comes:
    1) FRoSP works with Firefox, Internet Explorer & Opera
    2) FRoSP stands for FReedom of SPeech … what do the others stand for? A new business model?
    3) We are from Germany … our software is very, very sophisticated … our ideas even more

    Check it out and tell your expiriences via FRoSP under http://www.frosp.com

  10. Rachel Shaw Says:

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  11. Clare Olivares Says:

    If only more people would hear this!

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