Anyone thinking mobile apps@India?

WSJ is reporting that India added 67 million mobile-phone users in year ending March 31. That is more than 1/4th of the total subscribers(235 million) we have in US. Not sure if we had ever had this high growth in total numbers anywhere in the world. With the new numbers, India now has around 166 million total users growing 5 million a month and the number is expected to hit 400 million mark next year.

Despite the high growth numbers, I haven’t come across many startups or companies looking to target the perfect userbase. Few that are making efforts towards the Asian crowd – Mobio Networks, PixSense. How about Zyb like contact backup service targeting the Asian sub-continent users where mobile phone is the only device people can to depend on? How about productivity, search, location based apps? Or how about Twitter for India. The whole space seems to be up for grabs. I don’t think there will be a better time than now to start thinking mobile@India.


8 Responses to “Anyone thinking mobile apps@India?”

  1. Almaah Says:

    I agree when you say these companies should be focusing on Asian sub-continent. The cellular user base is increasing very rapidly. Here in Pakistan as well, we are wistnessing the similar phenomenon. With new companies coming in, optimized services and lowest ever call rates, the cellular industry is booming and India is even bigger.
    Though the services like twitter and zyb are providing global services, they are not exclusively focusing on such growing market and they must see the potential here.

  2. Nav Says:

    I’d love to know how many of those users actively access/share rich media via their mobile phones.

  3. Prolific Programmer Says:

    One thing you’re not no one pointed out is that there’s really no language barrier when dealing with India — they speak English. Same as the UK. With few exceptions, none causing difficulty in understanding, this is the same as American English. On the other hand, Chinese is a different language, with a different character set and isn’t understandable to an English speaker.

  4. Gal Says:

    Our company does just that, we’ve developed mobile application that access unlimited mobile content such as video music and more.
    We have already starting to gain users all over Asia, including countries like Pakistan, India and more.
    It allows not only download unlimited content for free, but also upload your own and share it with other people even if they don’t have the program installed on their cellphone.
    Everyone can install it by simply go to on mobile handset ( Java support required built in Handset ).
    For more info contact

  5. Vivek Puri Says:


    Check-out the Ipos research paper from last year:

  6. Lance de Masi Says:

    I love using twitter but i also like what zyb is doing. U can upload ur mobile content such as contacts, calendar, text messages, and more for free and sync it directly from ur phone anywhere in the world for freeeeeeee……
    i luv it ….y dont u guys try it………….. i think its the best thing after napster…..
    ta ta

  7. anonymous Says:

    Try the rss reader,

  8. Mir ishfaq Says:

    I want dealer ship of your mobiles for kashmir india my no 009419550044

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