BooRah on SMS via 4INFO

Early morning today BooRah will be announcing a new partnership with SMS/ text messaging services top gun 4INFO. With this release, users would get quick listing of restaurants throughout the San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York metro areas via SMSing 4INFO powered by BooRah.

I have already written couple of times about BooRah that enables local restaurant search via regular keyword search and also via Natural Language based Search(NLS) technique. The NLS part of things is going to come handy in this partnership ’cause users want to type in limited amount of text on the mobile to receive 3-4 highly relevant results. Something that is concise, and is in easy-to-read summary form right on their cell phones. In practice you would text strings in natural language like ‘Date Place Palo Alto, CA’ to 4INFO to get 3-4 listings that have review “buzz” going on out on the Internet. Compared to this new service, I don’t think you would be one happy person if you have to read through 150 reviews from Yelp on your mobile browser. Instead let BooRah do the word crunching while your drive.

Besides the 4INFO partnership, BooRah has made couple of updates to its site that now lets you create favorite lists and also lets you write reviews.

BooRah NLS search goes for first partnership
BooRah – natural phrased local search



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