DojoToolkit onto Offline mode apps

Forget about 2007 being year of widgets. I think it is the year when Online apps would keep working even when your machine goes Offline. Last year it was SocialText to be the first company working this idea. And than Zimbra making announcement last year and launching it’s offline capable collaboration tool earlier this year, than Adobe launching Apollo, than Joyent coming out with Slingshot, and the much expected Firefox 3 with offline capabilities coming sometime this year. 

Just to add to developer options, DojoToolkit today finally launched their Dojo Offline Toolkit that, as expected,  would make it easy for web applications to work offline. The open source library consists of a 300K client side runtime that would cache web application’s UI for offline use. Among others, guys who worked hard on this – Brad Neuberg, Dylan Schiemann, and Carrie Sackett.

With 3 options already available and fourth on the way, it would be interesting to see what majority of the developer community uses. Few points worth considering – Adobe has the big bucks but is neither open source nor comes with a free developer tools, while Slingshot is geared towards RoR apps.

Dojo Offline Toolkit


2 Responses to “DojoToolkit onto Offline mode apps”

  1. John Dowdell Says:

    If you’re looking solely at the occasionally-connected side of things, then it may not be necessary to put these different projects into opposition… have you checked into the Dojo implementation yet, to see how it is accomplished…? 😉

    (Apollo’s goal is to make it easy to turn in-browser web apps into standalone desktop network apps, and occasional connectivity is just one step along that path: )


  2. Vijay Says:

    Have you looked at Dekoh? It is a Java based open source alternative to write desktop web-connected applications and offline web applications. Check out Google calendar offline app that ships on Dekoh


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