Inpowr – Goal setting to feel good

Canada based Inpowr is building an interesting social application that is a bit different from the rest and in fact might click with people. Instead of coming up with a generic social networking me-help-you-and-you-help-me type of app, Inpowr starts off with a basic set of questions targeted to get the your “well-being” status. Questions are around your home, your workplace, your knowledge, your family, …..In all 36 questions that pretty much map out all aspects of your life. Inpowr let’s you rate yourself for each of these questions. Once you are through the drill, you would very clearly know what you need to work on. Inpowr makes it easier for you to pick and work on these areas of your life that you are not satisfied with by setting goals around them. From there on you can start working on your plan of action by outlining the things that can change your life for better. From the social networking aspect, the platform would soon have support for your network to make it easier for you to get support from your friends and family. As you progress through the goal-plan-action cycle you get to record your progress and revisit the initial set of questions to determine how well you have been able to perform in your plan to make yourself happy.

Currently few of the Inpowr modules are under development, but when launched, Inpowr should definitely be a good platform to track your personal satisfaction.

Personally I like this idea, where you don’t need to define your own questions. An application based on science of psychology sounds like a better plan.



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