Meshly: micro-blogging via IM

Since micro-blogging is already the fad thanks to Twitter, we can expect many more variations to space. Meshly is the new entrant that get’s you posting your whatever(they call it Mesh) from an IM. Supported clients: Google Talk, AIM, and MSN. The place it differs is that you can create new channel mesh or join an existing one or post to your personal mesh. Not sure if posts from channels show up in your IM. Nevertheless an interesting solution.



2 Responses to “Meshly: micro-blogging via IM”

  1. Meshly, nueva herramienta de microblogging vía mensajería Says:

    […] Vía | StartupSquad Enlace | Meshly […]

  2. Meshly: Social Bookmarking Through IM Says:

    […] I have always been a great fan of When I first read about Meshly on StartupSqaud, I quickly came to a conclusion that Meshly will certainly kill, but I was wrong. Though Meshly lets you bookmark links through IM, it’s not as simple as I think Meshly would have been better, if it was a plain social bookmarking tool with no Digg like component. […]

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