Newsgator is down :(

Update: Newsgator team is working early today. Service is back up and running as usual.
Last weeks RIM blackout didn’t affect me much, but Newsgator being down is such a pain. Maybe worse than getting stuck in email downtime. Right now I am totally disconnected from the blogosphere with no clue about what is current. Newsgator Online is down, and hence FeedDemon is down. I had presumed they would have failover servers to run at least the back-end part of things, if not front end.

Eitherway, can someone at Newsgator@MileHigh get the service back up and running?


2 Responses to “Newsgator is down :(”

  1. Nick Bradbury Says:

    Apologies for the downtime, Vivek – we’re now up and running again.

  2. Vivek Puri Says:

    Thanks Nick. I am already crunching my feeds.

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