Twango media uploads go untethered

Social networking site Twango is playing around with media upload options to make the user experience much more frictionless. In what I view as a significant change Twango is going to make video uploads available to nonusers too. The change being announced early morning today, would than give options to users to embed the media in their blogs, forums, and other sites right from Twango’s homepage. As you might expect, the links never expire and viewers don’t need to sign up to view the media.

Although the idea might be interesting, I am not able to connect it with other social networking aspects of the platform. Ability for user signup and reclaim his work might make the feature more useful and relevant. Again content ownership issues might arise as part of such a move.



2 Responses to “Twango media uploads go untethered”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Twango gets onto Google Earth Says:

    […] As always Twango is on a rapid feature release cycle. Last week it was media uploads on-the-go for everyone without the need to register for the social network. Now, Twango has become the first social networking site to integrate with Google Earth. With the new integration you can browse and discover Twango media and members geographically. Any geo-tagged item on Twango (e.g. any item with a location value applied) appears on Google Earth.  So, while surfing on the globe you can now also see the latest Twango photos, videos, and audio on the other side of the earth or in your own backyard. Sounds like a neat plan to me! […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Nokia get social sense - makes first acquisition in SN domain Says:

    […] Twango @ media uploads go untetheredTwango gets onto Google Earth […]

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