adQ’s web-to-newspaper classified service gets funded

In days when newspapers circulation numbers are going down there are only few startups building products that can make life easier for news companies. But every rule has an exception – adQ one such startup that is charging up the classifieds side of things with it’s classified system that makes it easier for advertisers to place ads in newspapers. Creative Circle Advertising Solutions, the company behind adQ, annouced yesterday that it has closed second round of funding for it’s efforts and expansion plans. In all adQ has $1 million till date from the 2 rounds. 

adQ claims that nationwide 24 broadcasters are using it’s web-based system that reaches 30 percent of U.S. households in the United States and the Asia-Pacific region. I did get a chance to try out the classified creation software that lets you create ads quickly and easily to finally submit them to newspapers. Each setup is newspaper centric, with adQ setting up subdomain for newspapers, like for “The Newport Daily News”. You go through a set of dialog boxes that takes care of some of the more basic details you might otherwise miss out on while creating the ad yourself. From there on you select style and schedule in which  ad should appear in the newspaper. Finally pay adQ to get done with the submission process.

Comparing adQ to vFlyer, the startup clearly lags behind in the comprehensive and detailed product offered by vFlyer. Besides that as an advertiser you would have to pay $$$s at adQ, since classifieds are still the rev-gen engine for News Companies. On the other hand when you are vFlyer you can push your ads to multiple sites(but not newspapers) from a single location that gets you better visibility. And not to forget the service is free for individual users.



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