Benioff pitches in realestate to startups

Salesforce has been on roll with acquisitions and product launches for past few months. In the recent history it was the acquisition of Koral. Yesterday it was the official split off between the Apex platform and the CRM side of things at Salesforce. What this means is that AppExchange partners/developers no longer need to  be on Enterprise Edition or Unlimited Edition to write to the SF API. And the latest in the grand scheme of things is Marc Benioff new idea – Salesforce incubator. Officially launched today, Salesforce incubator gives space to 32 startups and Salesforce partners that are on lookout for satellite offices for cheap. The incubator space is bargain for small-n-hungry teams since Salesforce is charging $20,000 a year for the space. All these startups would eventually help out Salesforce since they will be developing apps for Salesforce AppExchange. 

In essence the idea is similar to what YCombinator or Techstars have been working on. Actually it might be more in line with The Hive from Andew Luter or workspace idea for NYC by Darren Herman. Only difference is that developers don’t need to stick with working against the Salesforce APIs.

Trying to leverage external developers in RIA space is something everyone is looking out for these days. Coghead has started organizing user group meetings, while also giving direction to it’s affiliate program. BungeeLabs has been doing training and demo sessions in Bay Area for past few months now. Will see what BungeeLabs has planned for future when I talk to them later today.


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  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » GoBig Projects - smart alternative to eLance Says:

    […] GoBig Projects comes at a time when startup world is getting lot attention and it is tough to find smart people to work your next big idea. GoBig is projecting the feature “Projects” as a new freelance marketplace for those who want to join and work with startup companies. All you need to do is logon to the site and post your project for free in your network or pay a small fee if you want to post publicly. All projects are out there in open for anyone to view and respond to. GoBig is using it’s existing userbase of over 50,000 members to present your case to a very large audience, which is otherwise not possible even if you have a blog, attend conferences, and network all around. Besides the service providers, GoBig network consists of  advisors and consultants that are looking to find cool startup ideas to work on, many of whom are willing to work for equity or stock options in exchange for their services that makes it the right place to look for a co-founder than at Craigslist, or one of the other classifieds sites. […]

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    […] Current InsideView customers include companies in the technology/B2B market – Aravo Solutions, Cornell International, Global Knowledge, Rearden Commerce, Service Source, SuccessFactors, and WebEx. Big focus at InsideView as of now are the users, since InsideView is part of the Salesforce Incubator program that was launched couple of months back. As of now 50% of InsideView customers are also Salesforce customers and InsideView will be working hard to flip those numbers – 50% of Salesforce users are also InsideView users. […]

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