Betabug: Bug Tracking gets social

Eventually social aspect of things had to merge with developer tools. Betabug is taking few smart steps towards that with it’s web-based bug tracking tool that makes bug filing that much more fun.

To start with Betabug comes with the typical set of functionality where you can create bugs, assign severity, priority, severity, dates, and the related. Nice part of the service is that you can create as many bugs and bugboards projects you want. Now that was the basic stuff. Things get interesting at Betabug in case you want to show your bug list to people in pubic. Just make the bug public and everyone outside your team gets visibility to that. This feature can come handy when you want to share top user-requested fixes.

Betabug has also gotten the other side of communication taken care off via it’s widget. Put the Betabug widget on your site or company blog and it generates a form that allows users to submit bugs directly into your Bugboard. Some other smart features – tagging, custom search, export bugs to excel/…. Last but not the least, if you have too much time at hand, you can go for public bug hunting at Betabug.

Feel like trying out the app? Well, as of now Betabug is in private beta launching sometime soon. Till that time company make plans around your social bug tracking.



One Response to “Betabug: Bug Tracking gets social”

  1. Alon Says:

    Thanks for the review! 🙂
    We will be launching our Public beta on may 1st!, We got tons of new features coming.

    Stay tuned!

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