Fastscale: drop a datacenter in seconds

Fastscale, which had been operating in stealth mode till earlier this month, is now disclosing more details about it’s technology that potentially will have big impact on the speed and cost at which servers are deployed at datacenters. The startup has come out with it’s first product, FastScale Composer, that creates an application blueprint that consists of OS components an application requires at execution time. Fastscale takes this Application Blueprint to automatically build a small, full-featured software environment including only the precise software components required. And these application bundles, which are created on-demand, take on average only one percent the size of traditional server images and are small enough to run in memory. ‘Cause of the small footprint provisioning takes few seconds as compared to couple of hours spent deploying an OS. Pricing starts at $30,000 that includes licensing for DB2, which is used for the software repository, plus 25 server node provisions, which sell for $500 each if a company buys 250 server nodes.

Earlier in the month Fastscale had announced closing of it’s Series A round of funding in which it raised $6.5 million. The investment was led by ATA Ventures and joined by Leapfrog Ventures and Hunt Ventures.



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