Can we have Garlik for US?

UK based Garlik is a very smart idea – it monitors your identity online. And the monitoring, named DataPatrol, is pretty comprehensive that spans webpages, public records, commercial databases, and geo-demographic data delivering you monthly reports all for just £29.99/year. Garlik today announced that has raised another £6 million in Series B round of funding to keep up with expansion this service in UK and beyond. The funding round was led by 3i and Doughty Hanson who had previously invested £3 million in the startup in January 2006.

Even though I knew about Garlik since last year I haven’t looked at the reports generated ’cause the service is only for UK based users. Still assuming that Garlik gets you the monthly report with details about where your personal information is showing up online, I am no sure what exactly you can do about that. Just look at content piracy for comparison purposes . If someone is really stealing your content all you can do is file a DMCA takedown notice. After that it is up to the webmaster to either ignore or comply with your notice. You can’t do much unless you have big bucks to back you up. In my experience there will always be sites that don’t comply with your request. And in case of identify scam all you need is 1 site where your complete history shows up to seal your fate. Still knowing is better than being dark and would very much be interested in subscribing to such a service in US.

Future direction for Garlik – Expansion beyond UK and a version targeted at business users.

Update: Time to learn something new. As Nikolay pointed out is doing Garlik in US.



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  1. Nikolay Kolev Says:

    Haven’t you heard of

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