TheStreet picks Stockpickr has gone ahead with 100% ownership of by acquiring the remaining 50.1% stake. Stockpickr brings the kind of recommendation concept to the finance side of things by enabling a system that sends you automated stock recommendations based on matching your portfolio. Any recommendation you get will result from comparisons against thousands of portfolios, both professional and amateur, with a similar make-up to yours. In essence, the idea at Stockpickr is to follow the portfolio of the leaders in the market, like Warren Buffett and George Soros, instead of making safe investment in market tracker S&P500 or for that matter any index fund.

To make life bit simpler for people starting off at Stockpickr gives out the list for top/most viewed/ActiveTrader portfolios. Besides this Stockpickr had some editorial content which would get a boost after the TheStreet buyout.



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  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Stockalicious raises $500k in funding Says:

    […] Stockpickr, which was acquired by The Street recently, is another startup offering similar services. […]

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