Evincii – Search meets Brick-n-Mortar

Ever found yourself lost in Walmart or Best Buy or one of those big stores? or Going round in circles with being able to find the stuff you are really looking for. Big stores aside, I get lost in Blockbuster and end up spending 30 minutes just to locate a DVD that I might not eventually like. Well, as it seems right now, search god has listened to our prayers once again and sent Evincii to our rescue. You might ask, Who’s Evincii? Evincii is your soon to be yearned for Search Engine in the Store. Yeah, I am talking about brick and mortar. Evincii team has been working on this cool concept that will deliver plug-n-play search engine to retailers that in turn will make our shopping life easier. Once the system shows up in your local store, you would have to go through just the right set of questions to know where exactly the product in located on miles long shelfspace in your local WhateverMart. The solution although difficult to design and deploy, can eventually be a killer product if delivered as depicted.



One Response to “Evincii – Search meets Brick-n-Mortar”

  1. Your Local Merchant Says:

    This sounds amazing for shoppers! I can’t wait to check out Evincii myself! Thanks for the article!

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