SecoBackup to backup MySql

Amazon S3’s figure of 5 billion objects would soon start getting even bigger since at least couple of teams are working on solutions that would use S3 as storage space for MySql database. First is SecoBackup. I had written about SecoBackup few days back when they launched their consumer facing free data backup software that stores data onto S3. Today I had a talk with Ajoy@SecoBackup and he gave me few details about the upcoming release of their new app that would back up MySQL onto S3. Second MySql+S3 tieup is being worked on by Seattle based Mark Atwood. Mark’s offering makes S3 “accessible to MySQL users via a plug-in storage engine”.

While we are on Amazon webservices, checkout another plan that is shaping up to use new clustering features of MySQL 5.x and on-demand computing capacity of Amazon EC2 to create a highly available and scalable service. This would definitely be something to watch for since queries are one of the bigger real reasons that can bring a down site.

All above were just few of the ideas we are tracking among many more people are working on. Amazon seems set to be CDN of Web20.


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