Are you ready for Headplay?

Over the weekend Headplay quietly went live with it’s new site. It’s not another MMPOG or game fan site, if you are thinking of one. Actually, the website is not the real stuff Headplay is out to sell. Sometime in the next couple of months, Headplay will be launching it’s Personal Cinema System that streams movies right near your eyes. Supported with headband and sitting right in front of your eyes, Headplay hooks into your existing movie or gaming devices to stream content to the Viewer.

Headplay has couple of devices working together with Viewer to deliver the 52-inch TV experience. This includes Liberator, which has the video processing engine and I/O ports, and Navigator, which obviously delivers the user control like volume, program selections,…. Headplay claims a battery life of 6 hours or you can hookup the device to power outlet.

All this comes for just $499. Whoa! Will Headplay sell for that high a price?

Price aside, do consumers want to add yet another device they need to charge and carry along to consume their content 24X7? I am already lost in the number of devices I need to put back on charger overnight. Adding another to the list is a big no no. And Headplay would be one device that you won’t really use on regular basis if you are not the traveling kind. And even if you are the traveling kind, you need to remember to carry your iPod or Laptop that can stream content onto Headplay. You know what, carrying the peripherals is not enough. Make sure your iPod or laptop has couple of movies in them that you haven’t watches before….Too many if/elses? Well that is the real life. I would, there are just too many point of disconnect.

Still can be great buy for video iPod fans, if they can go through the above described hoops.



9 Responses to “Are you ready for Headplay?”

  1. Benjamin Kuo’s Blog » Blog Archive » More startup activity…Headplay’s personal displays Says:

    […] It looks like this week is shaping up to be a fairly busy week for startups. StartupSquad points out this afternoon that Headplay, a Santa Monica-based startup developing personal cinema systems, unveiled its new web site this weekend, detailing more of its product. The firm has developed a personal video display headsets that can plug into any video source, such as an iPod or video game console–and provides the display equivalent of a 52-inch screen. The company has been fairly well covered by the electronics enthusiast media. […]

  2. taicrane Says:

    I don’t think anyone is ready for Headplay yet?

  3. Your Local Merchant Says:

    This sounds very cool…but I agree in the way that people are not ready for Headplay yet. It is wonderful, but a bit too expensive for the current economy. Thanks for the great article!

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    I’m ready to foreplay

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    Well i guess everybody best to get ready.

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