InCircles is not dead; It’s Pladeo now

I had written about last year when it had launched it’s widget based chat client through which users can chat with others on the page it is installed on. While the idea looked interesting to start with, but was not able to get traction with users. Why? ‘Cause unknown entities don’t really have anything to exchange besides “test” or “asdfasdf” or “123123123” or “hello”. Once those kind of messages start showing up, anyone can tell where the community effect is headed. Now the saving part here is that InCircles team has realized the shortcoming and planning on marking some serious upgrades to the widget. First among which is change of name. InCircles will become Pladeo in the next few days. As part of the real upgrades, the Pladeo widget will be able to manage content, play video, chat over video, create avatars, view profiles and communities. Unlike the previous anonymous user based system, Pladeo will enable creation of profiles while site owners will get access to sophisticated analytics tools to monitor all their video distribution activity, user demographics data, and dialog traffic. Latter part of feature set is definitely dependent on how big the community grows.

Others in this domain – Xpanity, and Me.dium. Difference being – Xpanity, and Me.dium are browser extensions driven by users, while Pladeo driven by site owners and flash based.



5 Responses to “InCircles is not dead; It’s Pladeo now”

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