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Google upgrades RSS reader

September 28, 2006

For quite some time now Google Reader had been lying really low on Google Office priority list. But finally they have released a new version of reader with lot of updates.
Google reader has now added option to create folders and add subscriptions to folders. Reader also displays count of unread items, and you can “mark all items as read” for a folder or a feed. They have also introduced a sharing component, where users can click and share feed items. These shared items are available on your public page, which can be viewed by anyone who knows the URL. There is also an option to subscribe to the shared feed items. Now feeds can also be viewed in 2 different formats – List View and Expanded View.
One interesting feature I found was that same feed can belong to more than 1 folder. If you read any of the feed items from one folder, the item count gets updated in all folders where the feed is present. Other nice features that I discovered include option to import/export opml file, add reader to your personalized Google homepage, and access reader on your mobile phone.
I still saw quite a few issues from the javascript side, with pages’ not getting refreshed cleanly, which is unlike other Google Office products. Also there is no option to search among feed items, which is surprising given the fact that it is a reader from Google. But Google Reader is definitely better than the useless Microsoft Max released earlier this month.

Google Reader

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