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Yahoo Panama gets final push on Feb 5

January 24, 2007

When Google has sucked out most of the advertising dollars with it’s contextual ad engine, keyword pricing is going up, and publisher revenues are going down, Yahoo is planning go to enter the market. The much awaited and 2 years in making Project Panama is coming live on February 5 when Yahoo will introduce its new search marketing ranking model in the U.S. Yahoo is claiming that it’s new system will take into consideration both the bid and the ad’s quality to determine where an ad appears in the search results. Good for Yahoo. But what about the Advertisers and Publishers? Availability, scalability, real-time ad delivery aside, can Yahoo beat or atleast deliver the same ROI/Revenues as Google?

Oh! We just forgot about the users. Don’t you think most of the users by now have grown tired and just plain ignoring these text-based contextual ads appearing everywhere. ComScore can you please ring-up some data on this?

We would definitely know where Yahoo and in general contextual ad market is headed by next Quarter results from Yahoo and Google. Anyway, did you miss the $2 jump in YHOO today?


Yahoo attempts another mashup – Personal Finance

January 19, 2007

It seems Yahoo has pretty much figured out its full time direction – Develop useless content mashups. New addition is Yahoo Personal Finance(YPF) that does everything good for Yahoo(read ads), it’s advertisers, content publishers, except for the users. So what really does YPF offer?

  1. Resource centers – Banking and Budgeting, Taxes,……
  2. Content (Content deals for Yahoo) –, Consumer Reports, Kiplinger
  3. “How To” guides
  4. Financial calculators
  5. Integration of Yahoo! Answers
  6. Advice columns
  7. Finance glossary

I am confused. Are we in year 1997 or 2007. Who needs these kind of crappy aggregators? Aren’t there enough of these lying all around? Oh yeah my favorites – How To guides and finance calculators? Come on guys, why waste your time on all this?

I think Yahoo should stop running after all those high CPC advertisers, and instead build something that is really useful for the users. Some kind of financial analytics software, or a better portfolio management.

Yahoo Personal Finance

Yahoo! Go. What is it good for?

January 8, 2007

Downloaded, installed, and tried Yahoo! Go 2.0, which was released today at CES. As you can expect from Yahoo, colors and icons are really cool. BB track-wheel integration with switching of apps is also great. For the rest lets have a quick rundown at what the app has overall-

Mail – Works perfectly. Can search contacts in your Yahoo Mail address book.  Mails sent from mobile do show up in your sent mail folder on web. You can also search your mailbox. However unlike Gmail on mobile which resembles Gmail on web, Yahoo Mail on mobile looks no where near its web counter part.

Flickr – Usual Flickr features – search, invite friends, view recent activity, view streams, view full screen, add to faves, comment…… Useful part

Local – Maps, directions, road+traffic alerts. Google Maps on mobile works equally good.

Search – No secrets here. Good for nothing. I mean it works, but who will use it.

News – Good for those times when you have nothing else to do except your cell phone and costly data plan to make use of.

Sports – Same as above.

Entertainment – Same as above.

Finance – Do not expect alerts and related features. Plain and simple finance news, My Stocks, and Market Watch. Good for anything?

Weather – Do you even need it out there?

IM – none present.

Since I don’t use Yahoo Mail and Flickr and have GPS in my car, I can get rid of Yahoo Go! without second thoughts. Looking forward to meaningful Yahoo Go! nth life.

Yahoo Go! 2.0

Yahoo gets Wretch

December 14, 2006


Few months back we have come to know about the possibility of Yahoo increasing its share in Wretch, the biggest blog hosting and online photo album service provider, located in Taiwan. Instead of that, today Yahoo Taiwan signed a deal of acquire Wretch for an estimated $22 million. Wretch is estimated to have 6.5 million users. The deal will have to go through Taiwanese regulators before it is finally wrapped up early next year.


Yahoo & IBM launch free competitor to Google Mini

December 13, 2006

Yahoo in partnership with IBM today launched IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition, which is a enterprise search product. The product is targeted mainly at SMBs and can be downloaded for free from the IBM web site. The search product which uses Lucene at its core instead of a proprietary IBM technology, has a capacity to index up to 500,000 documents and over 200 file types in 30 different languages. Supported operating systems include 32 bit Red Hat and Suse Enterprise Linux systems, and 32 bit Windows XP and 2003 server. IBM-Yahoo appliance does offer customization in terms of interface, and other features like ability to create features links. I am not sure how it compares to the Google Mini Appliance in terms of customization, document security, and access.

Comparing OmniFind with Google Mini in terms of cost, there is a difference in the initial investment required but is offset by the maintenance costs. As I mentioned before, OmniFind is free to download and install, while Google Mini costs $8995 for indexing 300,000 documents. But the maintenance for OmniFind is priced at $1999/year offered by IBM, while companies need to start paying Google $995/year for support from the second year. So over a longer period of time, like 5 years, I don’t see that big of an cost advantage in using OmniFind.

Features and pricing aside, I think Google Mini will scale better over time in terms of other integrated Google applications that will potentially be rolled-out next year. After Google launches Docs and Spreadsheets for enterprises, big to small enterprise products including MS Office, Documentum, FileNet, and OmniFind will have to run for cover. More on that some other time.

IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition

WebEx launches co-browse plugin for Yahoo Messenger

December 13, 2006


It was just last week I had written that the top enterprise web-conferencing service providers should offer some kind of free access to entry level users. Unyte seems to be filling up that gap very well with its free offering of Skype integrated conference calling and full desktop sharing for 1:1 meetings.

Now web-conferencing industry leader WebEx has announced a plugin for Yahoo IM that lets 2 users “co-browse” and view websites for free. The plugin which is available for download in the Yahoo plugin directory works with the latest version of the IM(8.1). Any time you want to share a page with your chat buddy, you can bring up the WebEx plugin from the chat window and start sharing the URL you want to. The plugin also enables control sharing between the users and annotation on the webpages. 

As the plugin clearly states you can only “co-browse” only the active web pages at a given time, which means no desktop application sharing. I don’t see the motivation for users to go for WebEx “co-browse” plugin, when they have the option to share any application using Unyte with practically the same screen refresh rates and more features. Still it is nice to know that recent changes in the web-conferencing space have not gone unnoticed. Expecting more freemium offers from Gotomeeting and likes.

WebEx Plugin for Yahoo IM

Yahoo Autos goes Green

November 1, 2006

Yahoo Autos now has Yahoo Autos Green Center, seeking to be a comprehensive site for fuel efficient vehicles. Using the new site you can easily research green vehicles, and also have easy access to top green rates vehicles. Consumers also have access to information related to federal and state incentive programs and alternative fuel station locations.

Yahoo’s green rating takes into account unhealthy smog, emission, fuel consumption, and pollution from manufacturing of vehicle and its parts. However Yahoo’s answer to its own question about how Green Rating’s are derived doesn’t seem to answer anything.

Yahoo has combined number of its other social media services into the Green Center to provide a better use experience. Users can quickly jump onto Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Groups, tags, and recent Yahoo news, all related to fuel efficient cars. Yahoo Auto Green center should definitely become the place to research about fuel efficient cars given its network of content sources and a large user base.

Yahoo Autos Green Center

Yahoo now wants AOL

October 30, 2006

Yahoo after its dismal performance in the last quarter is looking to buy AOL. According to a news report from Fortune, Yahoo had recently approached Time Warner about buying America Online. Yahoo had previously tried this deal about a year ago, but the talks had broken down midway. Previously there were reports that Yahoo has been looking to buy Facebook, however even that deal never materialized.

It seems Yahoo management is having tough time deciding which option to choose. Also it is not clear if either of the 2 companies themselves will like to be acquired by Yahoo who itself has been facing rough times.

Personally I don’t see how Yahoo and AOL will combine to overcome the problems each of them are facing right now. AOL which was bought by Time Warner few years back never proved a good investment for the company. There were quite a few news reports indicating that Time Warner wanted to dump AOL for good. Also AOL has been heavily revamping it’s operations and shifting to newer business areas, which will take at least 2 years to show results in terms of significant revenues. On the other hand, Yahoo had launched its new advertising platform, Project Panama, which is supposed to compete with Google Adsense+Adwords. It will be another 6-12 months before the real results start showing up for advertising network.

Also it is not clear what will be Google’s take on this deal. Google and AOL had entered into a deal last year in which Google had acquired 5% stake in AOL for $1 billion. As a part of the deal Google has providing exclusive Internet search capabilities to AOL search.


Yahoo launches Project Panama

October 17, 2006

Yahoo today announced that it’s core advertising platform ‘Project Panama’ has gone live. Yahoo has started sending out invites to selected agencies for trying out its new advertising platform. Earlier Yahoo posted a significantly lower net profit of $159 million as compared to $254 million a year earlier.

“Starting today, we’ve begun inviting advertisers in the U.S. to upgrade to the new campaign management application,” Terry Semel told investors on a conference call following the Internet media company’s third-quarter results.

 Yahoo will be working with advertisers through the rest of this quarter to enable them upgrade to the new advertising platform and will begin selling advertising on the new search system early next year.

Yahoo has lost major market share to Google Adsense+Adwords network in the last couple of years and has been working building it’s own competing network, ‘Project Panama’.

Yahoo Search Marketing Homepage
Yahoo Finanical Results PDF


Yahoo Answers UK Launches Five Million Answers Challenge

September 5, 2006

Yahoo working aggressively after its success with Yahoo Answers US has launched a new campaign in UK – Five Million Answers Challenge. Yahoo Answers UK is aiming to reach 5 million answers in the next 8 weeks ending on 29th October. Yahoo is engaging celebrities and experts who will be asking questions every week for particular categories. Users answering the most questions will receive prizes including Sony Flatscreen HDTV. Users will have to register for the competition and winners will be drawn for each category based on the best answers attained each week. This week starts off with the Science and Mathematics category.

Since its launch in December 2005, Yahoo answers have seen a spectacular growth with 40 million answers written by yahoo users will now. Given the recent success in US and this being yahoo’s biggest advertising campaign in UK since boom days, this task does seem achievable.

Yahoo Answers UK
Yahoo Answers Uk – Science and Mathematics
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