Emotiv demos next-gen video game controls

Emotiv, the San Francisco and Sydney based startup founded in 2003, has finally come out of stealth mode to demo its next generation videogame controls. Emotiv has till date raised $6.3M from Technology Venture Partners (TVP), Epicure Capital Partners and the Australian Federal Government. According to WSJ, Emotiv lets users video game players control their actions with their minds. Emotiv’s wireless headset “reads” brain waves to detect a range of different brain states relevant to game play. All you need to do is think and the prototype headset does rest of the job. So you can find yourself moving objects just by visualizing the same. Again as in the earlier stage voice-to-text applications you need to teach the software to understand your commands. Emotiv team will be opening up the SDK to enable game companies develop additional controls for their games. Pricing and timing of the release of the product have yet to be disclosed.



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